China rules out renegotiation of Paris Climate Deal

President Trump: Claims "absolutely tremendous economic progress since Election Day", adding "more than a million private-sector jobs". The chief economist of business-research group The Conference Board said the potential number of jobs that might be created in fossil fuels is limited, while the potential for job growth in green technologies is much greater. Inexplicably - and opposed by the vast majority of American businesses - Trump has also handcuffed the U.S.' ability to compete with China in the biggest market opportunity of the century: clean energy. The agreement, negotiated by 195 United Nations countries, was ratified in order to slow the damage being done to the environment. The U.S.' total would have been $3.5 billion, or almost half of the total.

NBC's Kristen Welker asked Pruitt, "You're the EPA administrator; shouldn't you be able to tell the American people whether or not the president still believes that climate change is a hoax?".

Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, also was a member of the forum, and he initially argued that it was important to have a seat at the table.

This statement was based on a study by NERA Consulting that found that meeting the Obama administration's requirements in the Paris accord would cost the US economy almost $3 trillion over the next several decades.

In hard talks leading up to the December 2015 accord, other countries often yielded to USA positions so that the world's biggest economy wouldn't walk away, as it did from the previous climate deal, the Kyoto Protocol.

Barbara Hendricks said other countries will fill the leadership void left by the United States but none will be expected to make up the shortfall in emissions reductions caused by Washington's exit.

Responding to Trump's pointing to his city, Pittsburgh, Mayor Bill Peduto called the decision "disastrous for our planet, for cities such as Pittsburgh", and a step that "has made America weaker and the world less safe".

Nations led by China and India all reaffirmed their support for the Paris Agreement after Trump announced that he was leaving on Thursday, saying the deal was unfair and that Washington was paying more than its fair share.

On Thursday, Trump announced the United States' withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, stating that the United States was going to start negotiations on a new agreement.

"We think that is unrealistic because if the countries implement Paris they will likely continue with similar policies".

Almost 200 countries have ratified the Paris agreement.

"We don't need the federal government throwing in [billions of dollars] a year and redistributing it through an worldwide octopus, to keep San Diego going down a green road." one commenter said.

Supporters of the decision in USA believe pulling out of the pact will save jobs, unburden industries, and save money. The company, best known for its sweets, remained committed, he said, to achieving "the carbon reduction targets the planet needs". He offered to re-enter the agreement if new terms can be reached.

By backing off the US commitment to address climate change, President Donald Trump leaves an opening for a chief economic rival, China, to expand its increasing dominance in the renewable energy industry.

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