It's Important to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attacks. Here's How!

The ransomware attack was particularly malicious, because if just one person in an organization clicked on an infected attachment or bad link, all the computers in a network would be infected, said Vikram Thakur, technical director of Symantec Security Response.

Critical medical computers throughout Britain's National Health Service were affected.

So far, the 'WannaCry' ransomware worm has infected an estimated 230,000 computers in 150 countries, causing chaos and shutting down hospital systems, transport networks, manufacturing plants, and universities.

How is WannaCry different from other pieces of ransomware? In the past, there have been incidents when hackers demanded more ransom after the initial payments. If the victim failed to pay within three days, the amount doubled to $600.

So if an employee accidentally infects one computer with something like WannaCry, it could take down an entire firm's infrastructure.

A top Microsoft executive partly blamed the USA government for the WannaCry ransomware attack, saying hackers found a crucial Windows vulnerability in data that had been stockpiled by the NSA.

Microsoft has released an emergency patch to fix a vulnerability in Windows exploited by the WannaCry ransomware to devastating effect this weekend.

In fact, the National Security Agency (NSA) allegedly developed EternalBlue years ago for official purposes. Caught between the need to protect their own country's digital data and stealing data from other countries and any individuals thought to be suspicious, national cybersecurity agencies have developed tools that can compromise the digital security of nearly anyone. In April 2017, the EternalBlue exploit was exposed as part of the group's ongoing activities. Microsoft talking about WannaCry ransomware attack points at government's carelessness. There's Microsoft, whose ubiquitous Windows operating systems were compromised after attackers exploited a security hole.

Experts say the spread of the virus had been stymied by a security researcher in the United Kingdom hackers have issued new versions of the virus that cyber security organizations are actively trying to counter and stamp out.

If you've figured out that you are susceptible, the first thing you should do is calm down.

Keep in mind that Microsoft recently rolled out a security update for Windows XP to patch up the vulnerability exploited by the ransomware but software companies simply can not release security patches every time the some ransomware strikes with lethal outcomes.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in a statement late Friday, encouraged people to update their operating systems.

'Insurance cover only takes care of data or financial loss.

McConnell said IVCH hasn't had any ransomware-related problems. Those who have Windows Update enabled are protected against attacks on this vulnerability.

Many cyber-attacks are financially-motivated, as is likely the case here. The massive attack left victims locked out of their PCs with a promise of restored access if a fee of as high as $300 was paid in digital currency Bitcoin-and a threat of destroyed files if the ransom is not met.

"Who dunnit?" is always the million dollar question when it comes to cybersecurity!

Our expert systems gave us visibility and context into this new attack as it happened, allowing Windows Defender Antivirus to deliver real-time defense. Despite the widespread panic that has ensued, it's important to stay calm.

"The operating systems on our computers and software downloads are managed centrally so that regular users can not download executable files from the internet without administrative rights", he said in an email.

Security experts have long warned about attacks on large numbers of unpatched systems, and while there's a slow migration to newer systems, it's not moving fast enough.

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